About Us


Kawasaki Exclusive Distributor


For 50 years we have always adopted a philosophy​ our customers are family.

From rookie to seasoned riders, from parent to child, we strive to serve generations and provide the best experience and support our customers expect from us. ​

Therefore, to maintain our commitment to our customers, everything is done in-house, from marketing to servicing so there will not be any gaps in customer experience. ​

Here at Mah, there will always be something for everyone, and it will always be the best.


At the core of our success lies our young and vibrant sales team. ​

In-house social media team to stay updated with the trends. ​

New ERP system introduced to streamline our processes. ​

From the time of arrival till the time the customer collects the bike, every step is tracked meticulously. ​

WIP traceability and online service appointments.