About Us


The new name pays ongoing homage to the iconic product of a range that has revolutionized the concept of 4-wheeled mobility. The new company name is accompanied by a new logo. The Steinbock becomes the brand’s iconic symbol. A wild animal, fascinating, agile beyond belief and a star attraction in Swiss countryside. A Steinbock mountain goat that springs into action from a red line, a strong symbol of dynamic energy and evolution. A combination of elements that concisely convey not only the product performance but also the origins and vision of the brand, marking the beginning of a new era that looks towards future mobility with innovative and hi-tech solutions. This is why Qooder is Advanced Mobility Solutions.

Qooder is pioneer in the establishment of a new concept of urban and extra-urban mobility

We improve and facilitate daily commuting and traveling, through innovative and advanced technological solutions.Founded in 2010, our company is headquartered in Vacallo, Switzerland, and develops innovative and unconventional vehicles for versatile and contemporary mobility.All our products and services are created to deliver unique driving experiences, overcome daily stress caused by traffic congestion, unstable road and weather conditions, while ensuring high road safety levels.Our products are engineered in Switzerland and distributed in more than 20 countries, mainly in Europe.


With Qooder, we gave birth to a whole new vehicle category, a unique and original product in the world stage. Qooder combines the stability and comfort of cars with the zest and agility of motorbikes, delivering incomparable driving pleasure, safety and fun.Qooder is pure innovation, in design and technology with the revolutionary HTS(Hydraulic Tilting System), another Qooder exclusive advanced mobility solution.HTS (Hydraulic Tilting System) is a worldwide patented technology: a hydro-pneumatic suspension system which grants an all-wheel tilting technology for easy and safe road handling.


Qooder embraces mobility in its absoluteness, through the creation of "Advanced mobility solution", envisioning and conceiving innovatory assets to anticipate and approach current and futuristic mobility trends.Our company is committed to leading the revolution in mobility tendencies, by developing technological, safe, efficient, comfortable and entertaining state-of-the-art solutions.Ingenious and unique inventions, like the four-wheeled Qooder and the HTS (Hydraulic Tilting System), fully embody ' "Advanced mobility solutions" mission of our company.